World Health/ Temmuz 2005

Book : World Health/ Temmuz 2005

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Language : English

Episode : Social Phsician

Publishing Location : Geneva

ISSN : 0043-8502

Period : monthly

Published Date : Temmuz 2005

Publisher : World Health Organization

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 4740


Nursing in health care
by David A. Tejada-de-Rivero
The nurse-midwife
by Eunice Muringo Kiereini
Nurses in the USSR
by Yuri Faibishenko
Motivating the community
by Erlinda L. Ortin
Primary health care in Washington, C
by James Hall, VeNeta Masson, Katrina Gibbons and Sharon Baskerville
A Declaration on Nursing in Primary HealthCare
The nurse in health care managemer
by Sheila Qutnn
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