Beyin Göçü Yazıları/Derleme5

Book : Beyin Göçü Yazıları/Derleme5

Language : English

Episode : Turkish Immigration

Document Type : Book

Book No : 4505


beyin göçü yazilari
Migration Trends and Migration Policy in Europe(Peter Stalker)
Is the Medical Brain Drain Beneficial ? Evidence from Overseas Doctors in the UK( Mari Kangasniemi, L.Alan Winters, Simon Commander)
. Strong Market, Weak State : The Case of Recent Foreign Immigration in Portugal (Joao Peixoto)
. Imagining Difference : The Experiences of "Transnational" Indian IT Professional in Germany(Louise Meijering, Bettina van Hoven)
. Brain Drain and Turkey(irfan Erdogan)
. United States Policies for Admission of Professional and Technical Workers : Objectives and Outcomes(Philip Martin, Richard Chen, Mark Madamba)
. The Brain Drain into the United States of Scientists, Engineers, and Physicians
. Immigration Professional a Brief Historical Survey( Judith Fortney)
. Home, Work and Community : Skilleld International Migration and Expratriate Women in Singapore(Brenda S.A.Yeoh, Louisa-May Khoo)
. The Implications of South Africa's Skills Migration Policy for Country Competiteveness(Albert Wocke, Saul Klein)
. The Global Raiders : Nationalism, Globalization and the South African Brain Drain(Jonathan Crush)
. Migration and Socio-economic change in Africa(Aderanti Adepoju)
. Highly Skilled and Business Migrants : Information Processes and Settlement Outcomes(Maureen Benson-Rea, Stephen Rawlinson)
. Causes of Brain Drain and Solutions : The Taiwan Experience(Shirley L.Chang)
. Lending Jobs to Global Cities : Skilled International Labour Migration, Investment Banking and the City of London(Jonathan V.Beaverstock, Joanne Smith)
The Brain Drain - Myth and Reality - What It is and What Should Be Done (Ross Finnie)
Research on Immigration and Integration in the Metropolis(B.Lindsay Lowell)
International Migration to the High Income Countries : Some Consequences for Economic Development in the Sending Countries(Robert E.B.Lucas)
Research and Policy Issues in High-Skilled International Migration : A Perspective with Data from the United States(Mark C.Regets)
Effects of Skilled Migration : Case Study of Professional Engineers (James P.Trevelyan, Sabbia Tilli)
Globalizing Talent and Human Capital: Implications for Developing Countries (Andres Solimano)
Transatlantic Roundtable on High-skilled Migration and Sending Countries Issues (Said Ouaked)
Migration, Return and Development: An Institutional Perspective(Henrik Olesen)
Globalization Transforms Trade-Migration Equation(Charles B.Keely) Policy Research on Migration and Development (David Ellerman)
The Brain Drain Curse or Boon? A Survey of the Literature(Simon Commander, Mari Kangasniemi, L.Alan Winters)
Managing Migration : The Role of Economic Instruments(Jonas Widgren, Philip Martin)