Preparation of the Physician for General Practice

Book : Preparation of the Physician for General Practice

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Language : English

Episode : Social Phsician

Publishing Location : İsviçre

Published Date : 1963

Publisher : World Health Organization WHO

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 4382


1. The work of the physician in the community-Richard
2. The present preparation for medicine-Raoul Senault Discussions
3. The choice of remedy-John R. Ellis
4. Psychological basis for the education of the physician
-E. E. Boesch
5. The role of psychology, biochemistry and the basic
sciences in the training of medical students- L. Vandendriessche
6. Ways of educating medical students through the
medium of psychiatry-Villars Lunn
7. Ways of contributing to the education of medical
students through social medicine-R. Berfenstam
Discussions on Nos. 3-7
8. The production of change in Europe-W. Hobson Discussions
Annex: List of participants