A Baseline Health and Population Assessment For The Upgrading Areas Of Amman

Book : A Baseline Health and Population Assessment For The Upgrading Areas Of Amman

Language : English

Episode : Population

Publishing Location : Egypt

Published Date : Mart 1984

Publisher : The Population Council

Document Type : Book

Book No : 3795


1. Health Assessments for Urban Projects.............
From National Strategies to Urban Projects, Urban Project Objectives
Health Status, Mortality Rates, and the Quality of Life,
A First Application,
2. Urban Upgrading and Squatter Areas in Amman History of Amman, Jordan's Urban Setting Today, The Urban Development Program of Amman, Profile of the Upgrading Communities,
Wadi Haddedeh,
Wadi Rimam,
Nuzha, Common Problems and Variations,
3. Study Design and Survey Implementation Sampling, Questionnaires Fielding the Health Survey, . Population, Structure, and Growth .......
Natural Increase,
Age and Sex Structure,
Health Care at Different Ages,
School Attendance,
Housing and Household Heads,
Population Projections,
Mortality Trends,
Fertility Trends,
Projection to 1991 and 2001,
5 . Health and Its Determinants
General Conceptual Framework, The Physical Environment Household Income, Mother's Education, Health Care Behaviour,
Personal Hygiene: Use of Soap, Mother's Reproductive Health Care,
Breastfeeding and Infant Diet Supplementation,
Immunizations, Sickness Care Practices, Patterns of Morbidity,
Nutritional Status, The Incidence of Acute Illnesses, Respiratory Infections, Intestinal Infections, 9 Accidents,
Interactions of Malnutrition and Infection,
6. The Role of Social and Environmental Factors in
Child Mortality
Independent Factors Determining Child Mortality,
Units of Analysis: Children,
Dependent Variable: Child Mortality Rates,
Multiple Classification Analysis,
Expected Effects on Health of Upgrading,
A. Notes on Data Collection and Preparation
B. Estimation of Mortality, Fertility, and Age Compositio
C. Sample of Admissions to Oral Hydration Centre,
The Bashir Hospital