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Book : Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health

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Language : English

Episode : Health-Safety-Environment

Publishing Location : Danimarka

ISSN : 0355-3140

Skin : 29-6

Period : bimonthly

Published Date : Aralık 2003

Publisher : Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 3662


407 What symptoms can tell about building-related causes Schneider T
411 Eye irritation and environmental factors in the office environment-hypotheses, causes and a physiological model Wolkoff P, SkovS, FranckC, Petersen LN
Orginal articles
431 Model for the work-relatedness of low-back pain Lötters F, Burdorf A, KuiperJ, Miedema H
441 Does it help to know the work-relatedness of back pain in individual cases?
Coggon D
442 Where to with meta-analysis?-first, do no harm Silverstein B
Original articles (continued)
444 Validity of a single-item measure of stress symptoms Elo A-L, Leppanen A, Jahkola A
452 Physiological responses to four hours of low-level repetitive work Garde AH, Hansen AM, Jensen BR
461 Nasal symptoms among residents in moldy housing Ruoppi PI, Husman TM, Reiman MH, Nuutinen J, Hyvarinen AM, Nevalainen Al
468 Work technique of nurses in patient transfer tasks and associations with personal factors Kjellberg K, Lagerstrom M, Hagberg M
Discussion papers
478 Dutch practice guidelines for managing adjustment disorders in occupational and primary health care van der Klink JJL, van Dijk FJH
488 Health effects of reduced workhours? Eriksen HR, Svensen E, Tveito TH, Ursin H
489 Authors' reply
Wergeland EL, Veiersted B, Ingre M, Olsson B, Akerstedt T, Bj0rnskau T, Varg N
490 Announcements