Global Diasporas An Introduction

Book : Global Diasporas An Introduction

Author : * Robin Cohen

Language : English

Episode : Turkish Immigration

Publishing Location : UK

ISBN : 1-85728-207-8

Published Date : 1997

Publisher : UCl Press Limited

Document Type : Book

Book No : 3283


Acknowledgements List of tables Introduction
1 Classical notions of diaspora: transcending the Jewish tradition
"Babylon" as the site of oppression
"Babylon" as the site of creativity
The Jewish diaspora and Christianity
The Jewish diaspora and Islam
Ashkenazi fates
Inferences from the Jewish diasporic tradition
2 Victim diasporas: Africans and Armenians Origins of the African diaspora
The African diaspora: homeland and return
Other aspects of the African diaspora
The creation of the Armenian diaspora
After the massacres: Armenians at home and abroad
Soviet Armenia and after
3 Labour and imperial diasporas: Indians and British
A new system of slavery?
The songs of Ramayana and political outcomes
Imperial diasporasThe settlement of the British empire The end of the dominion diaspora Conclusion
4 Trade diasporas: Chinese and Lebanese
The making of the Chinese diaspora
The Chinese as minorities
The great Lebanese emigration
The Lebanese diaspora: butterflies and caterpillars
Conclusion: ethnic entrepreneurs and trade diasporas
5 Diasporas and their homelands: Sikhs and Zionists
The origins of the Sikh diaspora Sikhs: the lure of homeland Can Israel be a "normal" state? Israel and the diaspora Conclusion
6 Cultural diasporas: the Caribbean case
Postmodern views of diaspora Travelling cultures, travelling nations The Caribbean: migration and diaspora Caribbean peoples as a cultural diaspora Conclusion
7 Diasporas in the age of globalization
Relevant aspects of globalization A world economy International migration Global cities
Cosmopolitanism and localism Deterritorialized social identities Conclusion
8 Conclusion: diasporas, their types and their future
Comparing diasporas
Cognate phenomena
Negative reactions to the growth of diasporas
Final remarks


ISBN 1-85728-208-6