The Special Session on Children

Book : The Special Session on Children

Language : English

Episode : Child Labor

Publishing Location : London

ISSN : 1475-8342

Skin : 14

Period : 3 monthly

Published Date : Haziran 2001

Publisher : CRIN Newsletter Child Rights Information Network

Book No : 2627


table of contents

5 Editorial
6 News round-up
9 Follow-up on macroeconomics
9 Figuring out the true picture by Kalle Elofsson, Kenneth Melin, and Sven Winberg
12 Poor excuses for child poverty by Marie Wernham
15 The Special Session on Children
15 The Special Session - so good so far by Per Miljeteig
17 Factfile: Resolution 54/93 - Special Session of the General Assembly in 2001 for follow-up to the World
Summit for Children
19 A critical review of the Special Session by Philip Veerman
21 Factfile: What has happened in the ten years since the World Summit for Children?
23 Say Yes for Children by UNICEF
24 Spotlight on child rights by Jo Becker
26 Conflict and small arms - keeping up the pressure by Christina Torsein
28 <1Making an arab world fit for children' by the Arab Resource Collective
29 Preparations of Central and Eastern Europe the Baltic States and the Commonwealth of Independent
States for the UN Special Session on Children 31 Breaking down the barriers by Graeme Thompson 32 A decade fit for adolescents by Jessica Nott 34 Listening to young voices by Clare Feinstein
36 Publications
36 Key documents relating to the UN Special Session on Children
38 Membership form
39 Calendar of events