Children and macreconomics

Book : Children and macreconomics

Language : English

Episode : Child Labor

Publishing Location : London

ISSN : 1475-8342

Skin : 13

Period : 3 monthly

Published Date : Kasım 2000

Publisher : CRIN Newsletter Child Rights Information Network

Book No : 2626


Table of Contents
5 Editorial
6 News round-up
8 Follow-up on education
8 Beyond the broken promises by David Norman
9 Campaign shines a light by Alam Rahman
11 Children and Macroeconomics
11 The big picture by Stefan de Vylder
13 Factfile: Macroeconomics and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
14 Figuring the case by John Micklewright
16 The rights way forward by Judith Ennew
17 Smart synergies by Santosh Mehrotra
18 Children first-the view from South Africa by Mastoera Sadan
20 Can child poverty be abolished in the UK? by Tim Marsh
21 Children in the European Union by Bill Bell
22 Factfile: European Union trade agreements and children
23 A bad business that fails to add up by Rita Bhatia and Caroline Harper
24 Factfile: Girls and macroeconomics
25 Banking on a joint action by Zafiris Tzannatos
26 Time to slow down financial globalisation by Jenina Joy Chavez-Malaluan
27 Zero interest for El Salvador's children by Raul Moreno
28 A clear case of relief by Tony Burdon
30 The debt we owe our children by Jan Vandemoortele
31 Factfile: Children and poverty
32 International aid-what's in it for children? by Sheridan Bartlett
34 When children are the losers by Phem Thi Lan
35 Publications
35 Thematic publications-children and macroeconomics
36 New publications-child rights
37 Membership form
39 Calendar of events