Irregular Migration in Turkey

Book : Irregular Migration in Turkey

Language : English

Episode : Turkish Immigration

Publishing Location : Geneva

ISSN : 1607-338X

Published Date : Şubat 2003

Publisher : IOM International Organization for Migration

Document Type : Report

Book No : 2415


Executive Summary
Irregular migration to Turkey Irregular migration from Turkey
1. Introduction: Key Questions and Objectives of the Study
2. Methodology
3. Irregular Migration in Turkey - An Overview
3.1 Characteristics of migration flows into Turkey
3.2 Asylum seekers and irregular migration
3.3 Illegal entries/departures and transit migration
3.4 Overstayers and clandestine migration
4. Migrant Experiences
4.1 Irregular migrants - a portrait
4.2 The migration process: The passage to Turkey
4.2.1 Prior information on Turkey
4.2.2 Recourse to smugglers
4.2.3 Financial implications
4.2.4 Chain migration involving family and friends
4.3 Living conditions of irregular migrants in Turkey 4.3.1 Residence and work permits
4.4 Onward migration
4.4.1 Preferred destinations
4.4.2 Renewed attempts
4.4.3 Return to country of origin - a realistic option?
5. People Smuggling and Trafficking Affecting Turkey
5.1 The actors involved
5.2 An international mafia?
5.2.1 Interaction between various groups
5.2.2 The use of technological developments and networks
5.2.3 More irregular migrants means more smugglers
5.2.4 New trends in smuggling routes: the sea route
5.3 Concluding remarks
6. Institutional and Legal Framework
6.1 Current issues of concern
2.2 Legislation, policies and practice
6.2.1 National legislation on asylum and immigration
6.2.2 Adjusting to international standards 6.3 Turkey's EU candidature and the acquis communautaire 6.3.1 Legislative adjustments
7. Conclusions and Recommendations
Annex 1 Sundry media reports
Annex 2 Details of the amended Article 201 of the Turkish Penal Code
Annex 3 Cases culled from interviews with smugglers and traffickers and from police reports


IOM Migration research series 12