Workers Without Frontiers

Book : Workers Without Frontiers

Author : * Peter Stalker

Language : English

Episode : Turkish Immigration

Publishing Location : U.S.A.

ISBN : 92-2-111383-3

Published Date : Ocak 2000

Publisher : Lynne Reinner Publishers

Document Type : Book

Book No : 2253


List of Illustrations
Foreword, Werner Sengenberger
1 Globalization in Perspective
What Is Globalization? 2 Globalization in History, 3 A Global Consciousness, 6 The Modern Era, 8 The Retreat of the State, 9 Conclusion, 10
2 Convergence and Divergence
The First Era of Convergence-Europe Catches Up, The Second Era of Convergence-Barriers Fall
in Europe, 14 Divergence Between OECD Countries and the Rest o
the World, 17 Conclusion, 18
3 The New Age of Migration
International Wage Disparities, 21 Modern Migration Patterns, 26 Conclusion, 33
4 Sending Goods Instead of People
The Real World,35
The New, New Economic Order, 36

The Effect of Trade on Overall Employment in
Industrial Countries, 38 The Effect of Trade on Immigrant Employment in
Industrial Countries, 41
The Impact of Free Trade on Emigration, 47 Export-Led Growth to Keep Immigrants at Home, 51 Links Between Industrial-Country Exports and
Immigration, 56 Conclusion, 57
5 Capital to Workers, Not Workers to Capital
Equity and Debt, 59 Foreign Direct Investment, 64 Export-Processing Zones, 69 Conclusion, 72
6 Reducing International Wage Disparities Through Migration
The Effect of Emigration on Sending Countries, 75 The Effect of Immigration on Labor Markets in
Receiving Countries, 82
The Effect of Immigration on Economic Growth, 90 Conclusion, 91
7 The Shock of the New
Political Disruption, 95 Economic Disruption, 98 Social Disruption, 100 The Migration Hump, 103 Conclusion, 103
8 The International Skill Exchange
The Brain Drain, 107
The Globalization of Education, 108
Transnational Employers, 109
Return Migration, 112
The New Skill Exchange,113
Conclusion, 114

9 Lubricating the Flow
Messages from the Media, Telecommunications and Transportation, Migrant Networks, The Migration Industry, Conclusion,
10 The Demand for Immigrants
The Persistence of the Dual Labor Market, The Demographic Factor, Conclusion, 137
11 A Question of Time
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The Impact of Globalization on International Migration