Access to Assets

Book : Access to Assets

Language : English

Episode : Women

Publishing Location : Switzerland

ISBN : 92-2-110839-2

Skin : 3

Published Date : Ocak 2000

Publisher : International Labour Office (ILO)

Document Type : Booklet

Book No : 2073


Table of contents
List of acronyms and abbreviations Preliminary note Modular structure
A. Access to land, housing and other assets:
Limited rights of the poor and especially of women
A.1 Importance of land and forests to rural women
A.2 Women's land rights: Limited, derived and insecure
A.3 Women's land rights: Under continuous pressure
A.4 Equally important: Land security and control over income from land
A.5 Rights over forests: Steadily being eroded
A.6 Urban areas: Land, housing and productive assets for self-employment
A.7 Women's rights of access to urban assets
B. Approaches and strategies
B.1 Redistribution of land assets
B.2 Legislating equity in land rights
B.3 Safeguarding rights of forest dwellers
B.4 Regeneration of forests
B.5 Granting tenure security to urban squatter settlements
B.6 Allocating space for informal sector units
B.7 Land improvement and urban upgrading schemes
C. Guides for action

To summarize Bibliography
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5. Employment promotion and poverty eradication through
wasteland development projects in West Bengal and Gujarat
6. Equal access to human settlements - The Habitat Agenda