Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health

Book : Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health

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Language : English

Episode : Health-Safety-Environment

Publishing Location : Danimarka

ISSN : 0355-3140

Skin : 27-6

Period : bimonthly

Published Date : Aralık 2001

Publisher : Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 1434


CONTENTS - volume 27, no 6, 2001
361 A new employment contract Aronsson G
Original articles
365 Contingent employment, health and sickness absence Virtanen M, Kivimaki M, Elovainio M, Vahtera J, Cooper CL
373 A novel approach for evaluating level, frequency and duration of lumbar posture simultaneously during work Jansen JP, Burdorf A, Steyerberg E
381 Incidence of musculoskeletal disorders among newly employed manufacturing workers Hakkanen M, Viikari-Juntura E, Martikainen R
388 Do psychosocial strain and physical exertion predict onset of low-back pain among nursing aides? Gonge H, Jensen LD, Bonde JP
395 A training exercise in subjectively estimating inhalation exposures
Sample SE, Proud EA, Tannahill SN, Tindall ME, Cherrie JW
402 Associations of lead biomarkers and delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase and vitamin D receptor genotypes with hematopoietic outcomes in Korean lead workers. Lee S-S, Lee B-K, LeeG-S, Stewart WF, Simon D, Kelsey K, Todd AC, Schwartz BS
412 Alcohol-related hospital utilization and mortality in different occupations in Sweden in 1991-1995 Hemmingsson T, Ringback Weitoft G
Letters to the Editor
420 Association between pleural plaques and coronary heart disease Sjögren B
Consensus reports
422 Airway allergy and worklife
426 Editorial news
427 Announcements