Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health

Book : Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health

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Language : English

Episode : Health-Safety-Environment

Publishing Location : Danimarka

ISSN : 0355-3140

Skin : 25-1

Period : bimonthly

Published Date : 1999

Publisher : Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 1410


CONTENTS - volume 25, suppl 1,1999
3 Preface
5 Design options and sources of bias in time-to-pregnancy studies Olsen J
8 Methods for obtaining valid data on time to pregnancy among men and women Joffe M
10 Analysis of time-to-pregnancy data Keiding N
12 Environmental semen studies - is infertility increased by a decline in sperm count? Bonde JPE, Hjollund NHI, Kolstad HA, Abell A, Larsen SB
17 Measuring endocrine profiles of women in field studies Kesner JS, Knecht EA, Krieg EF Jr
20 Characteristics of fertile menstrual cycles Baird DD
23 Quality assurance of semen analysis in multicenter studies
Giwercman A, Spano M, Lahdetie J, Bonde JPE, Asclepios
26 Analysis of chromosome aneuploidy in sperm by
fluorescence in situ hybridization - a new approach to the study of male fertility in environmental exposures Lahdetie J, Larsen SB, Harkönen K, Asclepios
28 Flow cytometric sperm chromatin structure assay as an independent descriptor of human semen quality Spano M, Kolstad H, Larsen SB, Cordelli E, Leter G, Giwercman A, Bonde JPE
31 Stereological methods as efficient and unbiased tools to quantitate structures in the testis Petersen PM, Giwercman A. Pakkenberg B
34 Seasonal variation of semen quality and fertility Levine RJ
38 General psychosocial and work-related stress and reduced fertility Henriksen TB
40 Critical aspects of male fertility in the assessment of exposure to lead Apostoli P, Porru S, Bisanti L
44 Effects of occupational solvent exposure on fertility Lindbohm M-L
47 Hospital work and fecundability
Zielhuis G, Peelen SJM, Florack EIM, Roeleveld N

(continued from back cover)
49 Objectives, designs and populations of the European Asclepios study on occupational hazards to male reproductive capability
Bonde JPE, Jotte M, Danscher G, Apostoli P, Bisanti L. Giwercman A, Kolstad HA, Thonneau P, Roeleveld N, Vanhoorne M, Asclepios
62 Time to pregnancy and paternal exposure to pesticides in preliminary results of Danish and French studies Thonneau P, Larsen SB. Abell A, Clavert A, Bonde JPE, Ducot B. Multigner L, Asclepios
64 Time to pregnancy and occupational lead exposure Joffe M, Bisanti L, Apostoli P, Shah N, Kiss P, Dale A. Roeleveld N, Lindbohm M-L, Sallmen M. Bonde JPE. Asclepios
66 Time to pregnancy for men occupationally exposed to
styrene in several European reinforced plastics companies Kolstad HA, Bisanti L, Roeleveld N, Bonde JPE. Joffe M, Asclepios
70 Sperm chromatin structure and semen quality following occupational styrene exposure Kolstad HA, Bonde JPE, Spano M, Giwercman A, Zschiesche W, Kaae D, Roeleveld N, Asclepios
74 Seminal characteristics following exposure to pesticides among agricultural workers Larsen SB, Giwercman A, Spano M, Bonde JPE, Asclepios
76 Concluding panel on direction for future research on male reproductive capability Hjollund H, reporter