Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health

Book : Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health

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Language : English

Episode : Health-Safety-Environment

Publishing Location : Danimarka

ISSN : 0355-3140

Skin : 19-5

Period : bimonthly

Published Date : Kasım 1993

Publisher : Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Document Type : Periodical

Book No : 1366


297 Psychosocial factors at work and musculoskeletal disease PM Bongers, CR de Winter, MAJ Kompier, VH Hildebrandt
Original articles 313 Influence of job strain and emotion on blood pressure in female hospital personnel
during workhours T Theorell, G Ahlberg-Hulten, M Jodko, F Sigala, B de la Torre 319 Impact of regular relaxation training on the cardiac autonomic nervous system of
hospital cleaners and bank employees H Toivanen, E Lansimies, V Jokela,
O Hanninen
326 Risk indicators of ischemic heart disease among male professional drivers in
Sweden GE Hedberg, KA Jacobsson, U Janlert, S Langendoen 334 Urinary mercury excretion in chloralkali workers after the cessation of exposure
DG Ellingsen, Y Thomassen, S Langard, H Kjuus 342 Bronchial responsiveness and the reproducibility of forced expiratory volume in
one second KM Venables, BJ Graneek, AJ Newman Taylor 346 Association between asbestos-related pleural plaques and resting hyperventilation
Z Dujic, D Eterovic, J Tocilj 352 Organizational factors influencing serious occupational accidents S Salminen,
J Saari, KL Saarela, T Rasanen
Shorter communications 358 Injury to the cornea due to fish bile T Christoffersen, E Grenvold Olsen
360 Meeting of the IARC working group on beryllium, cadmium, mercury and exposures in the glass manufacturing industry H Vainio, E Heseltine, C Partensky, J Wilbourn
364 Announcements