Research in Human Reproduction Biennial Report 1986-1987

Kitap : Research in Human Reproduction Biennial Report 1986-1987

Yazar : * --

Dil : İngilizce

Bölüm : Nüfusbilim

Yayın Yeri : Geneva

ISBN : 92 4 156120 3

Yayın Tarihi : 1988

Yayıncı : World Health Organizatıon

Tür : Rapor

Kitap No : 8888



Part I Overview
Chapter 1. Continuity and change (J. Barzelatto)
Chapter 2. Highlights of the Biennium ( M.F. Fathalla & T. Varagunam)
Chapter 3. The Programme in Numbers (O. Ayeni, A.Pinol,E.M.Belsey& T.M.M.Farley)
Chapter 4. Coordination and collaboration (J Barzelatto)
Chapter 5. Management and financial matters (E. Roed)
Chapter 6. Strategies of the Special Programme (M. Fathalla & T. Varagunam)

Part II Research and development
Chapter 7. Safety and efficacy of fertility regulating methods (S. Holck & H. Bathija)
Chapter 8. Behavioural and social determinants of fertility regulation (A. Mundigo & I.H. Shah)
Chapter 9. Long-Acting methods of fertility regulation (P.E. Hall &C.d'Arcangues)
Chapter 10. Post-ovulatory methods of fertility regulation (P.F.A. Van Look)
Chapter 11. Vaccines for fertility regulation (P.D.Griffin)
Chapter 12. Male Fertility regulation (G.M.H. Waites)
Chapter 13. Plants for fertility regulation (P. D. Griffin )
Chapter 14. Methods for the natural regulation of fertility (P.F.A Van Look)
Chapter 15. Prevention and management of infertility (P.J.Rowe & T.M.M: Farley )

Part III Resources for research
Chapter 16. Africa (J. Kasonde)
Chapter 17. Asia (E.W.Wilson)
Chapter 18. People's Republic of China (F.T.G. Webb)
Chapter 19. Latin America (T. Varagunam)
Chapter 20. Programme on standardization and quality control of laboratory procedures (F. Michal)

Part IV The future
Chapter 21. Research needs in human reproduction (M. F. Fathalla)