Family Planning Perspectives

Kitap : Family Planning Perspectives

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Yayın Tarihi : Ağustos 2007

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Table of Contents
In This Issue
The Abortion Activists
Computerized Patient-Flow Analysis Of Local Family Planning Clinics
Changing Attitudes Toward The Timing of First Births
Family Planning Practices
Among Anglo and Hispanic Women
In U.S. Counties Bordering Mexico
Contraception and Abortion in Poland
Donald Granberg
Jack L. Graves, Anthony A. Hudgins, Jane DeLung, Claude A. Burnett, Pauline Scanlon and David Orentlicher
Anne R. Pebley
Roger W. Rochat, Charles W. Warren, Jack C. Smith, Susan E. Hoick and Jay S. Friedman
D. Peter Mazur
Up to 16 Weeks' Gestation, Abortions as Safe in Clinics as in Hospitals PID Risk Rises Sharply Among IUD Users, British and U.S. Studies Affirm Predict More Than Two in 10 Young U.S. Women Will Remain Childless Unplanned Pregnancy Is Main Cause of Welfare Reliance, Survey Finds Czech Women Rely on Contraception, Abortion to Keep Families Small U.S. Women Expecting Small Families, Waiting Longer to Have Children
Books in Review
"Light into the Gathering Darkness"? Joy G. Dryfoos