Family Planning Perspectives

Kitap : Family Planning Perspectives

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Dil : İngilizce

Bölüm : Nüfusbilim

Cilt : 11-5

Periyot : iki aylık

Yayın Tarihi : Ekim 2007

Yayıncı : Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Orijinal Dil : Türkçe

Tür : Süreli Yayın

Kitap No : 5557


Table of Contents
In This Issue
Letters from Readers
Abortion and Government Policy
Services, Policies and Costs In U.S. Abortion Facilities
Reasons for Nonuse of Contraception By Sexually Active Women Aged 15-19
Teenagers and Pregnancy: The Law in 1979
Daniel Callahan
Barbara L. Lindheim
Melvin Zelnik and John F. Kantner
Eve W.Paul and Harriet F. Pilpel
Special Report
NAF Sets Sights on Quality Care
Deborah Maine
Six in 10 U.S. Catholic Hospitals Provide Family Planning Services Five-Year Study Finds Vasectomy Does Not Alter Hormone Levels Later Weddings, Fewer Children, More Singles Change U.S. Family Major British Study Finds No Link Between Pills and Breast Cancer Gallup Poll: Two out of Three Approve Contraceptive Sterilization IFRP Supports Search for Safer Methods in 30 Developing Lands Romania Restricts Abortion, Birth Control Access: Birthrate Rises Deaths from Legal and Illegal Abortion Drop After 1973 Decisions
Books in Review
Light and Sense
Charles F. Westoff