Journal of European Social Policy

Kitap : Journal of European Social Policy

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Dil : İngilizce

Bölüm : Sosyal Politika

Yayın Yeri : Londra

ISSN : 0958-9287

Cilt : 17-1

Yayın Tarihi : Şubat 2007

Yayıncı : Sage Publications

Orijinal Dil : Türkçe

Tür : Süreli Yayın

Kitap No : 5356


Volume 17 Number I February 2007
KSPA net/JESP Doctoral Researcher Prize Essay Country-level comparisons of welfare state change measures:
another facet of the dependent variable problem
within the comparative analysis of the welfare state?
□ Stefan Kiihner 5
Hidden change: disaggregation of welfare
state regimes for greater insight into welfare state change
CJ Duco Bannink and Marcel Hoogenboom 19
Modelling an entitlement to long-term care services for older people in Europe:
projections for Jong-term care expenditure to 2050 □ Linda Pickard, Adeiina Comas-Berrera, Joan Costa-Font,
Cristiano Gori, Alessandra di Maio, Concepcio Patxot, Alessandro Pozzi, Heinz Rothgang and Raphael Wittenberg 33
'Old' and 'new' politics of time to care: three Norwegian reforms
□ Anne Lise-EHmgsceter 49
Review Essay
The failing integration of Europe's societies
□ Michael Dauderstadt 61
European Briefing
Housing inequalities in an enlarged European Union: patterns, drivers, implications □ Michelle Norris and Patrick Shiels 65
Q Digest by Cecile Barbier, Pallia Ghailani and Rita Baeten 77