Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health

Kitap : Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health

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Dil : İngilizce

Bölüm : Sağlık-Güvenlik-Çevre

Yayın Yeri : Danimarka

ISSN : 0355-3140

Cilt : 31-4

Periyot : iki aylık

Yayın Tarihi : Ağustos 2005

Yayıncı : Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Orijinal Dil : Türkçe

Tür : Süreli Yayın

Kitap No : 4671


CONTENTS — volume 31, no 4, 2005
Intervention for return to work—what is really effective? Loisel P
R eview
Effectiveness of a return-to-work intervention for sub-acute low-back pain
Hlobil H, Staal JB, Spoeistra M, Ariens GAM, Smid X W van Mechelen W
Orginal articles
Seat inclination, use of lumbar support and !ow-back pain of taxi drivers
Chen J-C, Tigh Dennerlein J, Chang C-C, Chang W-R, Christiani DC
Quantitative estimates of work-related death, disease and injury in New Zealand 't Mannetje A, Pearce N
Different levels of work-related stress and the effects on sleep, fatigue and cortisol Dahlgren A, Keckiund G, Âkersîedî T
Effect of impulse vibration on red blood cells in vitro Ando H, Nieminen K, Toppila E, Starck J, Ishitake T
Long-term effect of occupational noise on :he risk cf
coronary heart disease
Virkkunen H, Kauppinen T, Tenkanen L
Chromosome aberrations in tunnel workers exposed to acrylamide and N-methylolacrylamide Kjuus H, Hansteen İL, Ryberg D, Goffeng L0, 0vreb0 S, Skaug V
Health effects of cadmium exposure in the general environment in Japan with special reference to the lower limit of the benchmark dose as the threshold level of urinary cadmium
Uno T, Kobayashi E, Suwazono Y, Okubo Y, Miura K, Sakata K: Okayama A, Ueshima H, Nakagawa H, Nogawa K
Respiratory symptoms and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among cement factory workers Mwaiselage J, Brâtveit M, Moen BE; Mashalla Y