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Kitap : Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health

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Dil : İngilizce

Bölüm : Sağlık-Güvenlik-Çevre

Yayın Yeri : Finland

ISSN : 0355-3140

Cilt : 28/1

Periyot : iki aylık

Yayın Tarihi : Şubat 2003

Yayıncı : Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Tür : Süreli Yayın

Kitap No : 2602



1 Challenges in longitudinal designs in occupational health psychology TarisTW, Kompier M
Orginal articles
5 Factors influencing the impact of unemployment on mental health among young and older adults in a longitudinal, population-based survey Breslin FC, Mustard C
15 Influence of lack of full-time employment on attempted suicide in Manitoba, Canada Kraut A, Walld R
22 Timed bright-light exposure and complaints related to shift work among women
Leppamaki S, Partonen J, Piiroinen P, Haukka J, Lonnqvist J
27 A shorter workday as a means of reducing the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders
Wergeland EL, Veiersted B, Ingre M, Olsson B, Akerstedt T, BjernskauT, Varg N
35 Risk factors predicting hip pain in a 5-year prospective cohort study Tüchsen F, Hannerz H, Burr H, Lund T, Krause N
40 Annoyance and performance during the experimental chemical challenge of subjects with multiple chemical sensitivity Osterberg K, 0rbaek P, Karlson B, Akesson B, BergendorfU
51 Exposure to benzene and risk of leukemia among shoe factory workers Seniori CostantiniA, Quinn M, Consonni D, Zappa M
60 Diffuse pleural fibrosis-an unreliable indicator of heavy asbestos exposure? Smith KA, Sykes LJ, McGavin CR
64 Incidence of cancer among the participants of the Finnish Asbestos Screening Campaign Koskinen K, Pukkala E, Reijula K, Karjalainen A
Case studies
71 Prolonged respiratory symptoms caused by thermal degradation products of freons Piirila P, Espo T, Pfaffli P, Riihimaki V, WolffH, Nordman H
Letters to the editor
78 Evidence-based medicine and evidence-based occupational health Franco G
79 Quality of evidence Carter T
81 Announcements