Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health

Kitap : Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health

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Dil : İngilizce

Bölüm : Sağlık-Güvenlik-Çevre

Yayın Yeri : Danimarka

ISSN : 0355-3140

Cilt : 2

Periyot : iki aylık

Yayın Tarihi : Haziran 1976

Yayıncı : Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Tür : Süreli Yayın

Kitap No : 1339


New aspects of occupational health services in small work-places in Finland: A review by M. TOLONEN
Use of breath analysis to monitor methylene chloride exposure by R. D. STEWART, C. L. HAKE and A. WU
Use of chlorophenols as fungicides in sawmills by J.-O. LEVIN, C. RAPPE and C.-A. NILSSON
X-ray fluorescence analysis of lead in human skeleton in vivo by L AHLGREN, K. LIDEN, S. MATTSSON and S. TEJNING
Transmission of vibration in the hand-arm system with special reference to changes in compression force and acceleration by I. PYYKKO, M. FARKKILA, J. TOIVANEN, O. KORHONEN and J. HYVARINEN
Exposure to anesthetic gases ana einanoi aunng work in operating rooms by C.-J. GOTHE, P. OVRUM and B. HALLEN
Systolic time intervals as a measure of left ventricular function in viscose rayon workers exposed to carbon disulfide by G. FRANCO and T. MALAMANI
Occupational lead exposure in Finland: VI.Final report bv S. TOLA. S. HERNBERG and R. VESANTO